About Students For Vets


Students For Vets was founded by 4 siblings:  Finn Walsh, Cavan Walsh, Tynan Walsh and Delaney Walsh.  The Walsh siblings come from a long line of family military service; their father, uncles, grandfathers, great aunts and uncles, and family dating back for many generations have served in times of war and peace.  The Walshes grew up listening to stories of military service and sacrifice, and wanted to find a way to support those who have served or are currently serving our country.  They formed Students For Vets and the Vikings For Vets club in 2016, with Vikings For Vets becoming an official club at La Jolla High School in 2017.  Students For Vets has since helped 4 other high schools start veterans support clubs in the past year, and hopes to continue that growth nationwide. 

Mission Statement

Students for Vets provides a reproducible platform for high school students in any area to form veteran support clubs at their school.  Our goal is to help spread awareness, appreciation and support of veterans across the country.  Educating students on veteran needs, concerns and issues will lead to a nationwide improvement of our veterans' quality of life overall.  These student clubs for veterans provide a means for youth to meet, support, show appreciation and learn from their local veteran community.  Students For Vets can support member chapters with not only club formation, but also with finding volunteer opportunities for members in their area.